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"Points to Ponder" from the Maestro

Chitti Babu was a very erudite person who read voraciously, whenever he found some time. And he also enjoyed meeting intelligent people and learning from his interactions with them. He was an intellectual with eclectic tastes and was always open for a thought-provoking and stimulating discussion. 

Here are some of his own thoughts and sentences that he had often repeated to illustrate a point:

  1. "Veena is My Mission in Life" -
    • A simple yet profound declaration made by him, at a very young age, that he worked very hard to live up to, all his life with utmost passion and commitment.
  2. "Veena is as Old as the Vedas and yet, as Modern as Tomorrow." -
    • In his view, he felt the divine instrument of Veena is a very adaptive one, and with perseverance and practice, it could be used for playing any genre of music.
    • "Otherwise, why would Goddess Saraswathi choose it as her own instrument??" was a a very fond and frequent question of his
  3. "Music starts with the letter "M" - and in my opinion "M" stands for "Melody". If you remove that M out of Music, it makes USIC (YOU SICK!)" -
    • A remark, made with his tongue firmly in his cheek, against some so-called purists who often advocated complicated theoretical delineations in Music - even at the the expense of Melody. To him, such blind adherence merely to theory, defeated the very purpose of Music, which was to touch listeners with deep and soulful melody that can linger in the minds of people, long after it was heard.
  4. "Traditions must be respected - but conventions can be broken".
    • He was all for innovation, as long it was well within the framework of traditions.
  5. "Veena is made out of wood derived from the Jackfruit tree. I dont know if the Jackfruit got its sweetness from the Veena or the Veena got its sweetness from the Jackfruit." - simple metaphorical humor.
  6. "No Critic is Greater than the Artiste; No Artiste is greater than the Art."
    • A pithy comment which is self-explanatory

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