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  • Teaching was one of his unfinished businesses - although he taught many disciples, he had wanted to "spend more time doing more justice to it" as he had put it. 
  • Nevertheless, many of his disciples are busy performing artistes today in their own right, and many more are active teachers and enthusiastic amateurs as well
  • Quite a few people even claim to be his "Ekalavya Shishyas" - as the character in the Indian Epic "MahaBharata" - Ekalavya - meaning, even if some people had not met him directly, and learnt from him formally, they took Dr. Chitti Babu, and his style to be their prime motivation and inspiration and profess to have learnt Veena from just listening to him thru his concerts and CDs, and from practising his style.

His many disciples include (but not limited to) the following in alphabetical order (based on first name):

  1. Aravamudhan PS - Amudhu who is active in Chennai
  2. Durga Krishnan - who has been in Boston, USA since the 70s, and is a performing artiste and also a dedicated teacher there. She runs the New England School of Carnatic Music and her website is She is also a close friend of the family.
  3. Geetha Krishnamurthy - performing artiste who has been giving concerts all over India and abroad -
  4. Hemalatha Mani  - a visually impaired yet, committed disciple, who not only pursued her musical interest but also instilled it in her two daughters who are actively performing as singers and comperes on TV in Chennai
  5. Nagesh Babu -  an Andhra-based disciple in East Godavari District, who was close to Chitti Babu, and is a lecturer in a college there, while still staying committed to Veena and performing
  6. Prabhavathi  Ganesan - probably his first/earliest disciple, and a well-known performing artiste
  7. Rajan Vaidheeswaran - an IT professional who stays in touch with his passion for Veena, and performs occasionally as an amateur artiste
  8. Shantha Vishwanathan - who is based in Palani, Tamil Nadu 
  9. Shanti Rao -   a veteran performing artiste based in Bangalore and a close friend of  Mrs & Mr. Chitti Babu - website -
  10. Sudamani Rengarajan - who plays and teaches Veena in her own school called "Guru Vandana", based in Singapore
  11. Suma Sudhindra - who is based in Bangalore, and has been a veteran performing artiste, a close friend of Mrs & Mr. Chitti Babu, and an active organizer of events, also runs a school called Tarangini School of Music in Malleswaram - website -
  12. Sundar S - who is also one of the foremost disciples of Chitti Babu and despite a banking career in Andhra Bank, is a veena artiste in his own right.
  13. Sowmya Natarajan - who is an IT professional but stays actively in touch with Veena and is now busy mentoring her daughters into the path of music.

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