In ever loving memory of Late "Veena" Maestro Dr. Chitti Babu

About "Veena" Maestro Dr. Chitti Babu

About "Veena" Maestro Dr. Chitti Babu
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  • Chitti Babu (1936-1996) was one of the most famous Veena artistes of India, who had carved his place amongst the all-time greats who played that instrument. A man who became a Legend in his own Lifetime, his name was synonymous with the instrument "Veena", and he was and is still known in the Carnatic music world, quite simply as “Veena” Chitti Babu. While continuing with the principles of his Guru’s pioneering school - the Emani “Bani” (tradition/style), Chitti Babu, created and evolved a distinctive style and identity, entirely his own. The exquisite tonal quality and versatility that have been his magical hallmarks of his style of playing the Veena, saw him produce sounds as varied as the majestic Vedic Hymns or as delicate as the Cuckoo’s voice or even play many western-music based compositions of his own. He was known to reproduce the songs and compositions in an almost vocal like tonal quality on his Veena, and was also known to evoke deeply emotional and appreciative responses from his audiences.
  • His music could impress the connoisseurs and invoke the interest and curiosity of the youngsters as well, that always ensured that his concerts were a big draw in terms of audience.
  • His albums sold like hot cakes during his time, and still continue to do brisk business in this genre of music
  • He had traveled extensively across India and also to USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia Pacific and had performed to jam packed auditoriums for nearly 5 decades, transcending many barriers and taking his music and along with it, a part of India’s rich cultural heritage across the world.

Fast facts on Chitti Babu
  • Birthday - Oct 13th, 1936
  • Place of Birth - Kakinada, AP
  • Early Childhood - Pithapuram, AP
  • Zodiac Sun Sign - Libra 
  • Moved to Chennai in 1948
  • Home - T.Nagar, Chennai

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