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  • Emani Sankara Sastry (1922-1987) was born in Draksharamam village of East Godavari district and he was the son of Emani Achuta Rama Sastry, himself a famed Vainika (Veena Artiste) of that era.
  • Trained in the steepest and best of traditions by his father, Emani Sankara Sastry was an open-minded experimenter, and also evolved contemporary themes, to give Veena the element of modernity that it was perhaps lacking at the time.
  • He graduated from Andhra University and moved to Madras (now chennai) and joined Gemini Studios as a Music director for almost a decade.
  • In 1959, he joined All India Radio (AIR) as producer of Music and also rose to the position of Director and composer of the National Orchestra there.
  • He was also a performing artiste who had toured all over India and abroad and had concert tours in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific region as well
  • In addition to his roles as a performing artiste, and his responsibilities in AIR, he was also an accomplished teacher, inspiring many to rise to greater heights in their pursuit of art
  • Chitti Babu is his most famous disciple and it was a celebrated "Guru-Shishya (Disciple)" that both cherished a lot through out their lifetimes.
  • Shortly before passing away in December of 1987, one of the last functions that Emani Sankara Sastry attended was in Guntur, where in he was felicitated by his most prodigious disciple Chitti Babu at a public function in his honor. It was perhaps a providential last tribute to a very accomplished life.


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