In ever loving memory of Late "Veena" Maestro Dr. Chitti Babu

The Chitti Babu "Baani" (Style)

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The Chitti Babu "Baani" (Style)
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Groomed in the Emani tradition, by his Guru, Emani Sankara Sastry, Chitti Babu soon created and evolved a style that was distinctly his own.

Whether it was in the nature of his plucking the strings or the varied patterns that he could evoke on the stringed instrument, he had a "unique touch" that was his hallmark, making fans instantly recognize it as his very own special gift to the world.

Stressing on melody and Bhava (emotion) above all else, Chitti Babu aimed to touch people's hearts through a style of playing that never failed to strike its mark.

Like other instrumentalists, he too never enjoyed the advantage of moving an audience through the power of the lyrics of the song. He had to win them over with nothing but the sheer melodious rendering of the song and raga.

He believed in playing in such a manner as to convey the true meaning and essence of the song and its Bhava (emotion).

Whether he played a composition extolling the virtues of love, compassion, tranquility, heroism, sadness, or Bhakti (Devotion), the most telling and fulfilling aspects of his performances were visible when fans used to spontaneously come and compliment/embrace him for the way in which his music touched them deeply.

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