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With the advent of LP records in the late 60s and early 70s, Chitti Babu was one the first stars to have reached out to his fans, with records/albums - not just by rendering the regular classical compositions of others, but by also composing many melodious albums, on the sound foundation of traditional fundamentals, yet beautifully adding popular folk and even western classical elements, that were hitherto unknown combinations for that instrument. He had pioneered unique techniques that endeared him to people and drew wider audiences to his concerts and performances.
He always used to say - "Traditions must be respected but conventions can be broken."
The full chronological list of his albums and all their details will be published here in due course, but meanwhile, some of his albums include:
  • Musings of a Musician  I - Sivaleela Vilasam
  • Musings of a Musician II - Radha Madhavam
  • Musings of a Musician III - Raga & Rhapsody
  • Temple Bells
  • Bells of Joy
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